Well, as I write more, I notice that my works slowly spread out over the net, so Ive started a Master List here so you (and I) can easily find my stuff.

As a secondary note: I don't double post. Unless noted in the list, the links here should be the only copies of my stories. If you find them elsewhere, they were copied without my permission.

The Prophecy Unknown - R - My ongoing H/G soul-bond fic
Again, For Kicks - R - H/G redo comedy
Big Tribble in Little Hogsmeade - PG - My attempt at writing a perfectly serious Mary-Sue/Cliche ridden story for the SIYE Mary-Sue Challenge.

Completed Stories:
The Last Curse - R - H/G - hpgw_otp’s Halloween challenge
All Over - NC-17 - H/G/L - hp_smutday week #2
Magical Maladies Make for Massive Mating Means - NC-17 - H/G - Over the top smut for hp_smutday week #7 prompt: caught
Making Up for Wasted Time - PG-13 - H/G - For the hpgw_otp Passage of Time Challenge
For You - PG-13 - H/G - For the hg_silverlining Lyric Challenge
At Her Mercy - NC-17 - H/G/L - My first attempt at smut
Endings, Beginnings - PG-13 - H/G Entry in the puffysubmariner The Pact Challenge
Forgiveness - PG-13 - H/G, Harry needs to confront his guilt.
Luna's New Pets - NC-17 - H/G/L Entry for the erotic_elves Fear Challenge
Detention - NC-17 - H/G/L entry for the erotic_elves Random Kink Challenge
Something Ever After - PG-13 - Full flamingnargle version for the Flame On III Challenge
Something Ever After - G - The H/G first chapter on SIYE
A Teaspoon - R - H/G story featuring prat!Ron

Drabbles (100 words):

Exchanges and Prompt Fests: